Join now! These youth small groups are for both middle and high school boys and girls. They meet every 6 weeks on the weekends.

If you are a student or leader and would like to be involved contact Nate Malone @ (803) 209-5939.

C-Groups [connect groups] are life giving small groups for our youth. These groups are vital to our youth's lives as they provide a place for growth and intimacy with God and each other while encouraging accountability, creating a sense of belonging, and fostering encouragement and care for one another. 

Groups are offered for both high school and middle school students and are made up of 1-2 adult leaders and 3-5 students. They meet on a day/time that is arranged by the group leaders about 1-2 times per month.

Groups first spend time getting to know one another, developing trust, and learning and discussing topical, themed lessons. As the group grows and matures, they can dive deeper into more challenging Bible study and application to put what they've learned into action. 

Teachings cover topics like prayer, worship, Bible study, identity, temptation and being children of God while leaving room for open discussions, group events and mission opportunities.